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Looking for a weekend break at a UK Health Farm or Health Spa?
Day Spa Gift Vouchers now available
Find your ideal Body Mass Index with our Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator
Need a tune-up? rebalance your energies?...stimulate your bodies natural healing mechanisms? Click here
History, uses of Aromatherapy and more.
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
   What is it? What are the symptoms? What treatments are available?
Stress , Stress Management - How stress affects the body
Universal Contour Body Detox Review - we tried it, did it work? Read about it here
Chlamydia - How it affects males and females and how can it be treated.
Lack of motivation, abdominal pain, bloating are some Candida symptoms. Read our Candida Symptoms and triggers table to see if you are affected.
Classes in London Area
Pilates Classes - Salsa Classes

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